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Eliminator 217 PAG Oil
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Eliminator 217 is a premium polyalkylene glycol lubricant formulated to provide excellent performance in gear boxes, worm gears, bearings, blowers, reciprocating compressors, and hydraulic systems beyond the capabilities of mineral oils.

Features & Benefits:
• Outstanding thermal and oxidative stability, and resistance to sludge and deposit formation.
• High viscosity index and low pour point values allow for a greater useable temperature range.
• Low coefficients of friction for potential energy savings.
• Excellent heat transfer properties facilitate cooler operating temperatures for machinery.
• Multipurpose industrial equipment capability.
• Compatible with most seal materials in use today; for best results contact your seal manufacturer.

Applications: Designed for use in:
• HE&M Saw’s Gear Reducers with expansion chamber
• Heavy duty worm gears • Plain and rolling contact bearings
• Industrial enclosed gears
• Reciprocating and rotary screw air and natural gas compressors

Note: not miscible with mineral oils and not to be used as make-up for systems filled with conventional mineral oils. Mineral oils should not be used as top-off for systems which contain Eliminator 217 PAG Oil. Unlike mineral oils, these fluids are hygroscopic and do not separate from water. As a result, water does not settle to the bottom of the system’s reservoir.

Eliminator 217- SDS

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