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Eliminator 203 Water Soluble Oi
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* We are experiencing a nationwide supplier shortage for plastic gallon jugs due to unprecedented demand for their use in hand-sanitizer packaging. We expect this shortage to correct in mid to late May. Therefore we are unable to provide metalworking fluids in gallon jugs at this time. Please consider the 5 gallon pails instead of the 4-gallon cases for your next purchase.

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Experience improved fluid stability and longevity with
HE&M’s enhanced line of metalworking fluids

· Heavy-duty water soluble oil formula
· Contains no chlorine, nitrates, phenols
or dimethlyl polysiloxane
· Excellent corrosion protection
· Provides quality finishes on machined parts
· Superior resistance to microbial degradation
· Low foaming characteristics
· Safe to use on all metals - non staining

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