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Eliminator 203 Water Soluble Oil
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Transform your metalworking experience with HE&M’s upgraded line of metalworking fluids:

  • Robust water-soluble oil formula for enhanced stability
  • Free from chlorine, nitrates, phenols, or dimethyl polysiloxane for environmental compatibility
  • Superior corrosion protection ensures prolonged equipment longevity
  • Superior quality finishes on machined parts, elevating overall output quality
  • Unparalleled resistance to microbial degradation for long-term effectiveness
  • Low foaming characteristics reduce maintenance and ensure consistent performance
  • Safe on all metals, leaving surfaces unstained and material integrity intact

In addition to our Soluble Oil cutting fluid, HE&M Saw also offers a range of other band saw components and accessories, including blades, Benchtop Bandsaws, other metal cutting fluids, fluid sump tank treatments, fast acting rust remover, and lubricants. See our extensive line of high quality fluids here.

Eliminator 203 - SDS

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