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Eliminator 208 Hydraulic Fluid 32
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Ultra-Premium Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oils
Eliminator hydraulic oils are multi-grade oils that protect against wear, oxidation, rust, corrosion and varnish. They are formulated with highest quality base oils and high per-formance anti-wear & corrosion additives to meet the requirements of high pressure/output hydraulic systems and components manufacturers.

Because of the unique additive chemistry and the premium oils ability to resist oxida-tion, the byproducts caused from oxidation that lead to varnish are substantially reduced when compared to conventional oils.

·Hydraulic systems where deposit build up and sludge is problematic
·Drain and Change for most industrial and mobile hydraulic systems
·Top-Treat for systems already using viscosity grade 32 hydraulic fluids
·Machines operating a wide range of temperatures and components using various metallurgies
·High performance hydraulic power units and equipment
·Systems with high pressures and temperatures
·Numerically Controlled (NC) Machine Tools

Eliminator 208 - SDS

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