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Eliminator 215 Slide & Way Oil
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* We are experiencing a nationwide supplier shortage for plastic gallon jugs due to unprecedented demand for their use in hand-sanitizer packaging. We expect this shortage to correct in mid to late May. Therefore we are unable to provide metalworking fluids in gallon jugs at this time. Please consider the 5 gallon pails instead of the 4-gallon cases for your next purchase.

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Eliminator 215 68 Slide & Way Oil is an ultra-premium slide and way lubricant designed to provide high load carrying performance and a long lasting, uniform coating on machine tool lubrication systems.

Formulated with highest quality base oils and high performance anti-friction and corrosion additives, they meet the requirements of high speed high load carrying machine tools.
Eliminator 215 68 Slide & Way Oil has excellent oxidation stability and helps reduce maintenance and downtime, minimizes deposits and contributes to system cleanliness. Because of the unique additive chemistry and the premium oils ability to resist oxidation, the byproducts caused from oxidation the lead to varnish are substantially reduced when compared to conventional oils. Falcon’s slide way oils are optimized to provide separability and demulsify from aqueous coolants for easy removal, while minimizing the corrosive effective of high pH coolants on lubricated surfaces. Designed for lasting lubrication in the presence of water or water based metalworking fluids.

Horizontal slideways on small to medium sized machine tools.
Suitable for flood application in large machines.
Can be used as a moderate duty hydraulic fluid.
Helps reduce the deterioration of sliding surfaces in the presence of aqueous coolants.
Machines operating a wide range of temperatures and components using various metallurgies.
Numerically Controlled (NC) Machine Tools.
Eliminates Slip-Stick and allows for consistent and accurate machining.

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