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our story

HEM-Saw HistoryHE&M Saw was founded in January 1964 by Gerald R. Harris in Livermore, California. Having worked his way through engineering school and tool instrument training, he gained a first-hand knowledge of a variety of machinery during the post World War II industrial boom.

He also began building customized machinery for acquaintances, establishing a reputation and a following at the same time. One project led to another and he finally moved out of his garage and set up shop in an 1,100 square foot facility in Hayward, California. The entire company consisted of three employees and himself.

That was the beginning of HE&M Saw. After several years Harris saw the need for more space and began a nationwide search. He wanted a centrally located facility and access to a skilled labor force. He moved the company to Mid America Industrial Park in Pryor in 1976.

It wasn’t long before HE&M Saw began designing and marketing larger and larger saws, from the first HE&M 40-inch machine in 1978 to the huge 80-inch double column saw in 1989.

In 2003 Doug Harris became the President of HE&M Saw; and in mid-2005 he became the CEO.  Doug is upgrading with the latest technology and manufacturing methods to ensure that HE&M Saw remains competitive in the market and continues to provide a high quality band saw to our customers.

Today there are over 200 employees in more than 250,000 square feet of space. Now, HE&M SAW manufactures over 70 different models of production band saws for the metalworking industry including Vertical, Horizontal, Plate and Double Column saws with capacities ranging from 12″ x 12″ to 80″ x 80″.  Material handling tables and other time saving features are available as options.  HE&M Saw is American designed, engineered and manufactured.

HE&M Saw is proud to be a People company. It is only through the considerable efforts of our people that we design, build and sell our saws. Our family of machinists, welders, engineers, assemblers, electricians, sales and service technicians strive to make our equipment the best it can be.

And we are proud that our people are also the best that they can be. Because HE&M Saw is on the cutting edge of new band saw technology, we also work with our customers to ensure that our machines not only meet, but exceed, their expectations. We do all this without losing sight of the basics, that common sense and practical engineering keep our saws durable, rugged, and reliable.

To our customers we say Thank You for putting your trust in us. And to our employees we say Thank You for your pride and dedication. Together, we will build a successful future.