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Due to the customized nature of most HE&M bandsaws, we suggest comparing the item number to the parts list and drawings that were provided in the user manual or documentation CD when you purchased the saw. It is a good idea to physically compare the part that you have with the pictures on the website before you place the order.

Providing your saw serial number in the order notes allows us to cross-reference your part for accuracy to prevent delays caused by ordering the incorrect part.

You can also call and speak with one of our customer service representatives for clarification 918-824-6112

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  1. DC Controller
    DC Controller Part#: P-007428-032-00-0-000
  2. Tilt Sensor Ratio Metric
    Tilt Sensor Ratio Metric Part#: P-007428-026-00-0-000
  3. DC Controller (125D-12C)
    DC Controller (125D-12C) Part#: P-007428-025-00-0-000
  4. ATC Counter
    ATC Counter Part#: P-007428-003-00-0-000
  5. Starter Size 0  460V/120V Coil
    Starter Size 0 460V/120V Coil Part#: P-007426-007-00-0-000
  6. Proximity Switch (AB) 4mm
    Proximity Switch (AB) 4mm Part#: P-007564-005-00-0-000
  7. Analog Proximity Switch
    Analog Proximity Switch Part#: P-007564-003-00-0-000
  8. Drive Wheel 18"
    Drive Wheel 18" Part#: D-009115-000-01-0-000
  9. Encoder Belt 3/8"  200XL037
    Encoder Belt 3/8" 200XL037 Part#: P-007363-012-00-0-000
  10. Timing Belt 3/4"  390L075
    Timing Belt 3/4" 390L075 Part#: P-007363-005-00-0-000
  11. Timing Belt  3/4" 255L075
    Timing Belt 3/4" 255L075 Part#: P-007363-003-00-0-000
  12. Belt, Vari-Drive   3226723
    Belt, Vari-Drive 3226723 Part#: P-007359-000-00-0-000
  13. Belt, Vari-Speed 2322V541
    Belt, Vari-Speed 2322V541 Part#: P-007356-002-00-0-000
  14. Belt, Vari-Drive 1922V363
    Belt, Vari-Drive 1922V363 Part#: P-007355-003-00-0-000
  15. Belt, Vari-Speed 1922V417
    Belt, Vari-Speed 1922V417 Part#: P-007355-000-00-0-000
  16. Belt, Vari-Drive 1922V426
    Belt, Vari-Drive 1922V426 Part#: P-007355-001-00-0-000
  17. Belt, Vari-Drive  1922V403
    Belt, Vari-Drive 1922V403 Part#: P-007355-002-00-0-000-2
  18. 60V Output Seal
    60V Output Seal Part#: P-007762-060-02-0-000
  19. 60RW Mod. Output Seal
    60RW Mod. Output Seal Part#: P-007762-060-01-0-000
  20. 60RW Output Seal STD
    60RW Output Seal STD Part#: P-007762-060-00-0-000
  21. 60RW Input Seal
    60RW Input Seal Part#: P-007761-060-00-0-000
  22. 35RW Input
    35RW Input Part#: P-007759-000-00-0-000
  23. 35RW Output Seal
    35RW Output Seal Part#: P-007758-000-00-0-000
  24. 25RW Output Seal
    25RW Output Seal Part#: P-007756-000-00-0-000
  25. 50V Input Seal
    50V Input Seal Part#: P-007755-009-00-0-000
  26. 50V Output seal
    50V Output seal Part#: P-007755-008-00-0-000
  27. Stationary Nut PS Seal
    Stationary Nut PS Seal Part#: P-007755-007-00-0-000
  28. I32B Output Seal
    I32B Output Seal Part#: P-007755-004-00-0-000
  29. I32B Input Seal
    I32B Input Seal Part#: P-007755-003-00-0-000
  30. 40V Output Seal
    40V Output Seal Part#: P-007755-001-00-0-000
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Items 61-90 of 735

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