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Carbide insert, used on up to a 1.25-inch blade. The part number is currently P-007125-000-00-0-000 but was also stored under A-010175-003-03-0-000.

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Carbide insert, used as a back-up guide on saw models that use up to and including a 1-1/4 inch blade.

Models include the H90A-1, H90A-4, H90A-C, Sidewinder M, Sidewinder A-1, Sidewinder A-4, Sidewinder A-C, H105M, H105A-4, H105-C, Cyclone M, Cyclone A-4, Cycone A-C, H105LM, H105LA-C, and some discontinued models like the Copperhead, Twister series, 1200 models, and FP120.  Also was used on some older verticals and some older versions (pre 2000) of some H130 models.

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