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Due to the customized nature of most HE&M bandsaws, we suggest comparing the item number to the parts list and drawings that were provided in the user manual or documentation CD when you purchased the saw. It is a good idea to physically compare the part that you have with the pictures on the website before you place the order.

Traditionally the revision number is part of the HE&M part number. For example: bearing A-009403-000-03-C-000. The single digit letter C toward the end is the revision. For the purpose of our eCommerce website, we have removed the revision and replaced it with a 0 if the revisions are interchangeable, A-009403-000-03-0-000. If the revision cannot be substituted the revision has been left in the number. If you do not see the revision you want then choose the part number with the 0 in the revision spot.

Providing your saw serial number in the order notes allows us to cross-reference your part for accuracy to prevent delays caused by ordering the incorrect part.

You can also call and speak with one of our customer service representatives for clarification 918-824-6112

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  1. Idle Wheel for H90A
    Idle Wheel for H90A Part#: B-009036-033-00-0-000
  2. Door Safety Switch
    Door Safety Switch Part#: S-007433-005-00-0-000
  3. Forward Limit Switch
    Forward Limit Switch Part#: S-007433-004-00-0-000
  4. S-007433-003-00-0-000
    S-007433-003-00-0-000 Part#: Broken Blade Switch
  5. Fixed Guide Arm
    Fixed Guide Arm Part#: C-009433-004-01-0-000
  6. 24" Idle Wheel
    24" Idle Wheel Part#: C-009115-040-00-0-000
  7. 26" Drive Wheel
    26" Drive Wheel Part#: C-009036-022-00-0-000
  8. 26" Idle Band Wheel
    26" Idle Band Wheel Part#: C-009036-021-00-0-000
  9. 22" Drive Wheel
    22" Drive Wheel Part#: C-009115-020-00-0-000
  10. 450 BSA Double Miter Band Saw
    450 BSA Double Miter Band Saw Part#: 450 BSA Double Miter Band Saw
  11. Sidewinder A Roller
    Sidewinder A Roller Part#: A-009141-001-00-0-000
  12. Tension Handle Assembly
    Tension Handle Assembly Part#: B-009233-001-00-D-000
  13. Lower Arm Stop
    Lower Arm Stop Part#: A-008929-001-00-0-000
  14. Belt, Vari-Drive   3226723
    Belt, Vari-Drive 3226723 Part#: P-007359-000-00-0-000
  15. Belt, Vari-Speed 2322V541
    Belt, Vari-Speed 2322V541 Part#: P-007356-002-00-0-000
  16. Vise Clamp Assembly
    Vise Clamp Assembly Part#: B-009158-023-00-0-000
  17. Panel Meter
    Panel Meter Part#: P-007428-027-00-0-000
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Items 1-30 of 390

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