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CNC Circular Saw

Due to the customized nature of most HE&M bandsaws and circular saws, we suggest comparing the item number to the parts list and drawings that were provided in the user manual or documentation CD when you purchased the saw. It is a good idea to physically compare the part that you have with the pictures on the website before you place the order.

Providing your saw serial number in the order notes allows us to cross-reference your part for accuracy to prevent delays caused by ordering the incorrect part.

You can also call and speak with one of our customer service representatives for clarification 918-824-6112

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  1. Tension Spring
    Tension Spring Part#: Z-001016-000-00-0-000
  2. Modular Control
    Modular Control Part#: Z-001191-000-00-0-000
  3. Valve
    Valve Part#: Z-001190-000-00-0-000
  4. Reduce Valve
    Reduce Valve Part#: Z-001189-000-00-0-000
  5. Brake for Gear Box (Large)
    Brake for Gear Box (Large) Part#: Z-001150-000-00-0-000
  6. Vise
    Vise Part#: Z-001128-000-00-0-000
  7. Pin, Position (10 mm)
    Pin, Position (10 mm) Part#: Z-001104-000-00-0-000
  8. Pin, Positioning
    Pin, Positioning Part#: Z-001238-000-00-0-000
  9. Safety Lock Switch
    Safety Lock Switch Part#: Z-001233-000-00-0-000
  10. Magnetic Brake Powder 70 grams
    Magnetic Brake Powder 70 grams Part#: Z-001230-000-00-0-000
  11. Limit Switch
    Limit Switch Part#: Z-001207-000-00-0-000
  12. SSR Module
    SSR Module Part#: Z-001202-000-00-0-000
  13. Power Relay (Finder)
    Power Relay (Finder) Part#: Z-001200-000-00-0-000
  14. Oil Gauge
    Oil Gauge Part#: Z-001193-000-00-0-000
  15. Solenoid Valve
    Solenoid Valve Part#: Z-001187-000-00-0-000
  16. Hydraulic Solenoid Valve
    Hydraulic Solenoid Valve Part#: Z-001186-000-00-0-000
  17. Spring
    Spring Part#: Z-001179-000-00-0-000
  18. Socket Head Cap Screw
    Socket Head Cap Screw Part#: Z-001160-000-00-0-000
  19. Screw, Socket Head
    Screw, Socket Head Part#: Z-001159-000-00-0-000
  20. Saw Head Motor Pulley Belt
    Saw Head Motor Pulley Belt Part#: Z-001155-000-00-0-000
  21. Belt, Saw Head
    Belt, Saw Head Part#: Z-001154-000-00-0-000
  22. Belt, Saw Head
    Belt, Saw Head Part#: Z-001153-000-00-0-000
  23. Belt, Servo Motor
    Belt, Servo Motor Part#: Z-001151-000-00-0-000
  24. Bush Oiless (Inside Jaw)
    Bush Oiless (Inside Jaw) Part#: Z-001145-000-00-0-000
  25. Bush Oiless (Inside Roller)
    Bush Oiless (Inside Roller) Part#: Z-001142-000-00-0-000
  26. Bearing, Detecting
    Bearing, Detecting Part#: Z-001139-000-00-0-000
  27. Bracket, Clamping
    Bracket, Clamping Part#: Z-001127-000-00-0-000
  28. Jaw, Clamping
    Jaw, Clamping Part#: Z-001126-000-00-0-000
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