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♦ Do I have to provide my serial number to place an order?

While we do not require a serial number to be provided for an order, we highly recommend it. By providing your serial number it allows us to cross reference your part for accuracy to prevent delays caused by ordering the incorrect part.

A serial number field is provided in the options section in your account information and in each individual order itself.

♦ How do I find a HE&M saws serial number?

All HE&M saws are shipped with a serial number plate as shown below.

Serial Number


♦ How do I pick the correct part number or revision?

Due to the customized nature of most HE&M bandsaws we suggest comparing the item number to the parts list and drawings that were provided in the user manual or documentation CD when you purchased the saw. It is a good idea to physically compare the part that you have with the pictures on the website before you place the order.

Traditionally the revision number is part of the HE&M part number. For example: bearing A-009403-000-03-C-000. The single digit letter C toward the end is the revision. For the purpose of our ecommerce website we have removed the revision and replaced it with a 0 if the revisions are interchangable, A-009403-000-03-0-000. If the revision can not be substituted the revision has been left in the number. If you do not see the revision you want then choose the part number with the 0 in the revision spot.

Providing your saw serial number in the order notes allows us to cross reference your part for accuracy to prevent delays caused by ordering the incorrect part. You can also call and speak with one of our customer service representatives for clarification 918-824-6112.

♦ Can I place an order by purchase order (PO)?

You cannot place a purchase order through the ecommerce store at this time.

New customers will need to submit a new customer form for approval before we can accept orders by PO. You can place an order by PO or request a new customer form by calling 918-824-6112, email,  or fax 918-825-4308.


♦ Tax exemption status

To apply for tax exempt status, please contact one of our service representatives amd we will be happy to assist you. To be granted tax exempt status on your order, customers will need to submit a tax exempt certificate before placing an order online or with our customer service representatives. 

Please call 918-824-6112 or email for assistance.  In order to maintain tax exempt status, we will require tax exempt status verification on an annual basis. 



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