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Eliminator 103 Water Soluble Flood Coolant
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Experience the Power of HE&M Saw Eliminator 103 - a superior, all-purpose, heavy-duty water-soluble metalworking fluid. Infused with a specially formulated, water-soluble base and extreme pressure additives, it triumphs over friction, heat, and wear, ensuring unparalleled tool longevity.

Unleash Longer Tool Life - With its potent combination of extreme pressure and lubricity additives, HE&M Saw Eliminator 103 triumphs over friction, heat, and wear on tools, delivering exceptional machining results and fortifying tool protection, even in regions with hard water.

Unrivaled Sump Endurance - The superior resistance of HE&M Saw Eliminator 103 against bacterial growth keeps the metalworking fluid in prime condition for extended periods, free from unpleasant odors or slimy residues. This meticulously crafted formula ensures the fluid remains fresh and gentle on the operator's hands.

Eliminator 103 - SDS

In addition to our Eliminator 103 Soluble Oil Cutting Fluid, HE&M Saw also offers a range of other band saw components and accessories, including blades, Benchtop Bandsaws, other metal cutting fluids, fluid sump tank treatments, fast acting rust remover, and lubricants. See our extensive line of high quality fluids here.

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