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Eliminator 106 Rust Inhibitor
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Does Not Remove Rust. For Rust Remover see Eliminator 206 Rust Remover.

Eliminator 106 - Rust Inhibitor Provides Long Term Corrosion Protection on Metal Surfaces

• Non-Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor

• Can be used indoors and outdoors

• Provided protection for 25+ days in a humidity cabinet

• Safe to use on all metals

• Can be applied by spraying, rolling, brushing, or dipping

• Can be welded over

• Self-healing formula will seal back together when surface is scratched or nicked

• Displaces water from metal surfaces after machining operations, or alkali cleaning

• Highly resistant to salt water, salt spray, water, and humidity

• Does not irritate operator’s hands

• Can be cleaned from metal with alkaline cleaner or solvent

• One full year of indoor corrosion protection

Eliminator 106 - SDS

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